So you want to be owned by a Irish Wolfhound ? I don’t blame you. 

Besides my human family they are the loves of my life. Being owned by a Irish Wolfhound comes with pro’s and cons. 

In my view the pro’s far outweigh the cons. There is nothing like the personality of an Irish Wolfhound. 

They are know as gentle giants and they truly are. They have a keen connection to their human counter part, 

and know just when you might need a kiss or just a hairy body to hug. They are easy to travel with in an 

appropriately sized vehicle, of course. They are gentle with children. 

Though a young pup might be a little over zealous and bump the wee ones around it’s never their intent. 

They get along very well with other dogs. They will also get along with cats as long as they are raised together. 

I also find them easy to housebreak. As with all big dogs the lifespan is not as long as we would like, 

averaging about 6 ½ years. I have been lucky enough to have several live beyond the average. 


As a breeder it is my goal give my hounds the best shot at a long and healthy life. 

To do this I do as much health testing as I can. Everything is super sized with the Irish wolfhound along with big dogs comes big vet and food bills. A growing wolfhound puppy can consume as much as nine cups of food per day. This will level off as they grow. They are a slow maturing breed and often don’t look their best until the age of 3-4 years. As I mentioned above in the pro’s I find them easy to housebreak potty wise. But they can be quite destructive if left unattended as puppies. Especially during the teething stage. But the can be remedied by plenty of supervision, plenty of chew toys, and patience. In a nutshell I would never be without out one. 


As a human member of the High family I have had the pleasure or growing up with The Gentle Giant. I mean that quite literally 25 years of my life I have had the pleasure to know and grow with these great hounds. I am proud to say I have had many furry brothers and sisters in addition to my human brothers. The unconditional love of a dog is pretty well known, but Wolfhounds do it bigger. With their huge size comes an even bigger love. Over the years I have learned that there is nothing like a Wolfhound’s hug, even if they knock you over tying to give it. They are The Gentle Giant, but they sometimes forget just how big they are. I can recall several occasions while on the road with my mother to various dog shows when I had a hound invade the bed thinking they are significantly smaller than they are. Their personalities vary but the overarching theme is a silly yet dignified goofy yet refined, and the combinations of silliness with a regal undertones makes them quite endearing. There truly is nothing like a Wolfhound. Jeremy High.