I get many calls inquiring about Glens. Most of the time the person inquiring will say “I did a survey and 

it says the Glen is the perfect dog for my family and I“. My reply is that a Glen has the potential to be the perfect dog. 

Glens are wonderful , but they require a lot of work and time to be a part of the family and a good canine citizen. 

They are terriers with that comes a feisty personality. After all they were bred to dispatch vermin. 

That said they can be great family members. They love to be with their people. If you allow your Glen on the couch 

he will lay as close to you as he can get. If he isn’t allowed on the couch he will lay at your feet. 

They love to go on car rides and going for walks. They thrive on being with their family members.  

It is very important to socialize your young Glen pup. Puppy kindergarten is a must and classes should not stop there. There are many glens that have obedience, rally, agility, and earth dog titles. Glens are really an all around dog.  Bring them everywhere with you once they are up to date on vaccinations. Make sure they have positive experiences with other dogs and they can be the perfect dog.     

It is very important in Glens to ask  your potential breeder about health testing and temperament issues. Try to see both parents. It may not be possible to see the sire of the litter but you should be able to see the dam.  Remember this pup you are asking about is going to be your responsibility for the rest of his life. You want to make an informed choice